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This is EXACTLY what I needed!    B.D. Belgium

Great Idea that really works. I am happy!    C.G. NY

Man,I thank google for leading me to you! I am having a custom mic made and I needed a stand that would work to hold it (it's about 2#). You have created the PERFECT solution. My big pedalboard hogs space and my tripod stand with boom has to be angled and squeezed to make floor space. your stand solves the space issue and the boom will support the new mic. alohaz    B.M. Hawaii

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Our story starts in the garage where plenty of trial and error went into making a mic stand that answers one of the questions musicians ask. Why can't I have more room on stage? Well with Gear Hugger Stands, that question has been answered!

  • Quality all-steel frame built in the USA
  • Patented U-Shaped base
  • Great for guitarists and drummers
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Gear Hugger Stands will provide a lifetime of use and we guarantee it! We are also backed by Paypal's 45-day chargeback policy.

Putting your equipment in a place that lets you to concentrate on performing is what Gear Hugger is all about!


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Includes- Base, Pole, and Boom*

Shipping UPS Ground extra

*Microphone & clip not included


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